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Endodontic Therapy

Another common disease of teeth involves the inside of the teeth (pulp) where the nerves are located. This can be the product of active decay, old restorations that have failed or trauma to one or more teeth. Old metal fillings, stress and severe temperature changes in things we eat or drink can also crack teeth. This is very noticeable and can be very painful. Most of the time, when a patient has a toothache, it’s related to the pulp and we call that endodontic  (meaning the inside of the tooth) origin. The proper treatment for endodontic pain is to perform a root canal treatment. This way the infected pulp is cleaned out and the canals are sealed, to eliminate any places for bacteria to hide and multiply. These endodontically treated teeth usually require a full coverage restoration like a crown, to protect them from breakage. There’s always the option of removing the tooth but that only eliminates an existing problem and creates a new one. For the most part, it is better in physical, economic and time considerations to save your existing teeth. We perform as many root canals as possible in our office, when it’s necessary, for our patients’ convenience.



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