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Protective Devices

Some patients notice they grind or clench their teeth at night, often waking up in the middle of the night or feeling soreness in the morning. Many times a spouse is the first to know and tells the patient they hear the noises grinding (bruxism) produces. We have more stress in our lives now than ever before and some people brux or clench their teeth as a result. This can be a very damaging habit, sometimes causing loosening or even breakage of teeth, as well as migraine headaches and receding gums. Since it usually occurs during deep sleep cycles, patients are unable to detect or stop the damaging process. Most of these problems can be treated with removable devices called a nightguard or NTI device. They are custom made of a clear plastic resin by a dental lab.  A nightguard covers all the teeth in one arch, usually the upper arch, and keeps the teeth from clenching or grinding against each other. When all the teeth glide smoothly and evenly, the mechanism of bruxing or clenching is eliminated and people are able to sleep better, as well as not awaken with pain. The NTI device is a smaller version of a nightguard and can be used for some cases. We also make custom fit tooth protectors for use in sports.

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