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Removable Prosthetics

Sometimes a patient chooses not to replace their missing teeth individually, with implants. This can be due to economic factors or lack of existing bone. A smaller number and size of implants can be used to support and stabilize partial or complete dentures. The results are far better than loose dentures or false teeth that need to be pasted down.  The old fashioned, metallic partials are a thing of the past. There are newer, lighter partials that are metal free and far more cosmetic in appearance.  By using a few implants for stable anchorage, even complete dentures can be made “roofless”, with the center part left open. This makes them far less bulky and increases the person’s ability to taste their food.

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For patients who cannot have implants and are missing several teeth, there is still a good option to replace those teeth and restore their smile.

Flexible partials have no metal, are very light and translucent, so they blend in with the patient's own teeth and gums.